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Excerpts from "The Politics of Judicial Institutions in Singapore"

Excerpts from “The Politics of Judicial Institutions in Singapore”

by Francis Seow (1997)

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1. Acquittal:

1,380 more words

Britain's Problematic Institutional Racism

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Westminster’s self-presentation as the all-good defender of the free world allows it the scope to decry Nationalism in Scotland as the new rise of the Nazis. 62 more words


Is a Court Appointed Monitor Over Charging Minnesota Taxpayers?

It sounds like we have a high priced Court Monitor who likes to spend money. Hopefully we have more oversight of DHS than we do in Domestic Relations courts in the state. 555 more words


Jury trial goes awry as Christopher Hahn represents himself

Watch above: Jurors in the Christopher Hahn case were excused several times as court proceedings went awry. Accused of criminally harassing a judge, Hahn has decided to take the law into his own hands, literally, and represent himself. 456 more words


The perks of being a VIP

Happy are they who in this chaos of things
With the feet of time chasing them in the rear,
Continue to be Very Ignorable Persons… 397 more words

A Vibrant Life!