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Listen: Leftfield - Universal Everything

It’s been 16 years since Leftfield pushed themselves to the forefront of Electronic music creating highly inventive bass-heavy music that used the anthemics of rock music to their advantage. 22 more words

New Music

Why is it so hard to reason with college-educated millenials about spiritual things?

The first article today is from lesbian feminist Camille Paglia. She is a university professor, but liberal (in the classical sense) in her outlook.

An hour-long interview is posted at Reason, and… 1,289 more words


Leftists and totalitarians: strange bedfellows

There is also something curious about leftists, who are totalitarians from the ground up, the top down, and from side to side, worrying about the ultimate power of the state.

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Trouble in Europe

There is already war in Ukraine. The ceasefire barely holds, and it will definitely break when spring fighting weather arrives. Of course, when there’s a land war in Ukraine, crops aren’t planted, which leads to shortages, which causes famine. 470 more words


Some advice for Walker and the GOP

The GOP (and conservatism writ-large) has a higher education problem. Most recently this problem manifested with Scott Walker’s so-far-unsuccessful slashing of the University of Wisconsin’s budget. 569 more words

Bill Hicks as the Left Hegelian

I’m a computer mechanic at a state college. When the students and employees are churning away at high-gear, my job is very busy. But this week is spring break. 1,340 more words


Against All Bosses: Government AND Corporate

By Kevin Carson

Source: Center for a Stateless Society

I keep resolving not to comment on any more of Alternet‘s by-the-numbers anti-libertarian puff pieces, but a recent one from David Masciotra (“ 1,114 more words