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Islamic State burns a woman alive for refusing to engage in extreme sex act

Jay Richards tweeted this appalling story from the leftist Washington Post.

It says:

Zainab Bangura, the U.N.’s special representative on sexual violence in conflict, recently conducted a tour of refugee camps in the shadow of the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, war-ravaged countries where the Islamic State commands swaths of territory.

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The government's totalitarian tendencies in 2015

The state says to the individual: you have a right to your religious and philosophical beliefs, but only so long as you keep them to yourself and don’t allow them to be expressed in your relations with your fellow citizens. 

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This editorial cartoon from Rick McKee illustrates perfectly Obama’s ineptitude in understanding true priorities, and his refusal to understand true crisis.

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The Self-Destruction of the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church peaked in 1962 and has been in precipitous decline ever since. With each new reform (i.e. implementation of Progressive policy), people leave the church. 723 more words


A Modest Proposal for Religious Conservatives

Conservatives – especially those of you whose religious beliefs form the basis of your views – must know by now that your time is almost up. 529 more words

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One Album Wonders: Baader Meinhoff's Baader Meinhoff

Luke Haines has released music under several names and as a part of several bands including The Auteurs, The Black Arts, Black Box Recorder… 670 more words

One Album Wonders

Sean Penn's "INTO THE WILD" and what it tells us about culture and the Left.


“Into the Wild” is one of the better films of recent years, but it’s not without considerable problems. Sean Penn is an able director and has an eye for nice details but lacks a sure-footed personal vision or style characteristic of the great ‘auteurs’. 3,852 more words