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A Threat to the Existing Social Order

From Robert Tracinski:

isn’t really about Scott Walker’s qualifications. It’s about something deeper.

On the surface, of course, it’s certainly about Scott Walker. The left-leaning mainstream media senses that he’s a potential danger.

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Leftists Between A Rock And A Hard Place

I was reading this article on the Great Firewall of the West relative to the Great Firewall of China. What Jeff J. Brown curiously describes is what we would call the Cathedral but sees not his participation in it. 360 more words


Leftist "Extremism" and Liberal Abandonment

Presidential primary season is still about a year off and already the punditry are in full throat. The right is, of course, prepping for a fight with Hillary Clinton, the prodigal lefty that never saw a “centrist” position she did not like, at least after running for Senate. 754 more words


The Noble Solution to the Theft of Capitalism

One of the greatest and most frequently overlooked (or perhaps eclipsed, given the more direct and inhumane atrocities) evils committed by the likes of the despicable totalitarian governments of China and the USSR was the defamation of communism.  1,266 more words


Van Jones abets claim that 'Tea Party folks' support Chapel Hill murderer

Alinskyites gonna Alinsky.

#TeaParty folks have created a support page for the #ChapelHillShooting terrorist. Welcome to conservative America. pic.twitter.com/H8wHLFCBLH

— Bipartisan Report (@Bipartisanism) February 11, 2015…

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The Cathedral at home and abroad

The Cathedral is real. Oh so very real.

This is true both at home and abroad. Today I experienced it at home, and read about it abroad. 881 more words


The left's dangerous framing of religion

Well, could religion be reasonably viewed as a hobby?  Obviously not.  It cuts too deep.  Religion addresses the ultimate questions, the questions as to why we exist, what we exist for, and how we ought to live. 

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