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Hits Me Like A Rock

It hits me like a rock
Sweeps me like a wave
Snap your fingers
Listen to the tick of the clock
See a glimpse of all the change you’ve undergone… 125 more words

Slam Poetry

Blue Eyes Scan A Room

Blue eyes searching a room

Always trying to find a way out

Just in case.

Everyone is laughing and talking

But to blue eyes

They are all dangerous… 186 more words


Bearing Witness

It’s moving day. My house no longer looks like my house as all of my worldly goods are brown boxed, labelled, tagged and in the process of being loaded onto the moving truck at the curb. 755 more words

More Like A Diary


I miss love so much. I miss the way I feel when I’m in love. The way my body craves someone. I miss it so much. 128 more words


Life choices

Being only 17, I obviously don’t have enough knowledge of the world to be able to give brilliant advice about making good life choices. However, I have been under a lot of pressure to make quite a few over the last year so, in light of that, I’m hoping my little anecdote will give a bit of comfort to some of you out there who also freeze under the pressure of important decisions sometimes. 611 more words

Mixed feelings

Tomorrow morning I leave WPC.

It’s weird to think about.  At no later than 10am tomorrow morning the place that has been home for the past few months will shut me out so that a flurry of workmen can begin to prepare the building for next semester’s students.   594 more words


This One Time, I was Homeless. It was Great.

I was homeless for almost 2 months. Very recently actually. Like, up until a couple weeks ago. Let me clarify that I was NOT living on the streets as one might assume by the word “homeless”. 1,134 more words