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Is Relationships Realistic For Someone Like Us?

After leaving my ex husband 2 years ago I was against getting in any new relationships. It worked for me just having a guy friend, if he got attached I d leave. 82 more words

For everyone who asks what it was like

There is no sleep

The heat thrums inside the crickets chests

yet never had I heard a sky so silent

I ate my first ever pomegranate… 135 more words

Pack up and leave everything...

“It is so hard to leave until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world”

John Green – Paper Towns… 507 more words


But aren't you nervous?

I leave in four days and my room is a mess.

Everyone keeps asking if I’m nervous and I feel a little bit…rude? When I say “absolutely not.” But that’s the truth. 454 more words


Time to Leave

“Sometimes love means leaving”. Ever been there? When you realize no matter how much you love a person it won’t ever be enough. It’s a humbling moment. 182 more words

Only Hearts

I’m tired of playing with shadows
When only hearts can satisfy me.
I will whistle up the wind
And ride it to the next star… 6 more words


NZ: Goodbye, Wellington

There comes a time where every traveller realises they have been away from home for over six month (six months and a day, when I am writing this). 737 more words