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Dave has left the 9-5 desk job...

So to give you some background to the story, I first started working at JHP 5 years ago. JHP as it was formerly known, was a training company supporting people on benefits with training and skills to move into employment.  1,410 more words

Life Events


I don’t normally lose things.

Some people do. For them it’s such a commonplace occurrence that it hardly makes an impact. I know someone who lost her credit card and despite having searched everywhere still didn’t call and cancel it – it wasn’t the first time she’d lost the card, and she knew it would turn up. 481 more words


Goodbye Nottingham

So on Monday 23rd February, it was finally time to leave Nottingham. I had my 30kg suitcase and my new Cath Kidston backpack brimming with a year’s worth of clothes, toiletries, etc. 202 more words


You give me harsh words
I say nothing in return
You brush off your mistakes
and yet magnifies mine
You mess up all the time… 124 more words


Pain of the Parent

The princess arrived one fine day.

Sunrise colored her hair

In amazing ways

Sparkling Tahoe blue eyes

Her laughter and voice was twice her size. 249 more words


PROMPT: Day 34.

Thirty-four days until, not into.

Bags sit mouth agape at the bottom of my closet,

Hungry for the memories I’ve made in eighteen years.

They whisper together, wanting me to pack everything and leave. 229 more words


The Last One Left at the Party

Just over two and a half years ago I wrote this, giddy on adventure and pollution fumes. I was 23 years old and had always wanted to live in Cairo. 334 more words

In Cairo