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Mes chers amis, je pars

The word goodbye got stuck in my throat,
It was harder than I could have ever imagined.
Twenty metres later, the tears start to fall. 59 more words


Going/Leaving Home

I’m writing this a week in advance because I know it’s going to take me a few hours to put my thoughts together, and crying intermittently while writing holed up in my home is not how I want to spend my last days in Sevilla. 974 more words


New York, I love you and you don't even know my name

People ask me why I came to New York and I say ‘because I didn’t know where else to go.’ And when I talk to myself about this ‘typical me’ type trip I say ‘because I don’t know what else to do.’ It’s fluff I’m sure but I cannot even pretend to know what any of this means at the moment. 404 more words

New York


I used to dream of the day when you would take me away. We wouldn’t pack any bags just two flights, one way. Leave this world we know behind us and create a life brand new. 20 more words


“There comes a time for departure even when there is no certain place to go.”
-Tennessee Williams


再见中国,这个是很有意思。goodbye china, this has been interesting.

Well, after four and a half months of living in Beijing, China the time has come for me to return home. I have completed everything on my bucketlist, packed my bags, and said goodbye to all of the people I have met. 205 more words