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Image of the Day... Daytime Moon Covers Venus...

When the daytime moon covers Venus

Beautiful time-sequenced images from 2007, when the daytime moon covered the brightest planet, Venus.

We don’t usually run photos from years ago as our… 246 more words

Interesting Read

The magic of books

Books are containers of magic, lightweight and portable vessels of distant or unknown lands, people and ideas whilst some maybe imaginary, in some truths they are always representative of the real world. 181 more words


A Recent Experience

I wanted to write about a recent experience of mine. It’s not life changing or anything, yet I feel it provides perspective to life (for me at present) and the things that I find irksome, circumstantial and sad. 2,721 more words


Money and me

Money and I never got along well. I’ve never earned enough, and always depended on my parents for more. It’s not like I am after money, but I always wanted to save some, which I don’t see happening any time soon. 512 more words


I'm Feeling Lucky

Its crazy. We are already at the end of the second month of this magnificent 2015..too soon!

January has always & always been special to me. 835 more words


Thoughts of a Smart City Dweller

Smart City initiatives abound across major cities around the world, with enabling technology providers having laid out plans for solutions and cities moving to invest in infrastructure and services. 895 more words