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Mindset Series - 1. Fixed vs Growth Mindset

Mindset is an idea coined by Carol Dweck to describe beliefs regarding personal qualities such as ability and talent. According to this research, those with a fixed  324 more words


Tips and Tricks; Basic to Brilliant

Heya sweeties! Below, I have taken the time to write out a few tips and tricks that i’ve learnt for writing. Basically, it’s a how to for anyone looking to improve their writing skills, to go from ‘yeah i’m alright’ to ‘man, i’m freakin’ awesome!’ Or simply, if you just want to add some sparkle to what you’ve already got. 1,951 more words


Learning Theory

Module 3.4

Learning Theory

There are many ways to learn. And there are also many ways to teach. I am glad we discussed the Constructivism Theory. 303 more words

EDS 103 Theories Of Learning

Discussion Review...

I had my year-end review last week. It was slightly later than normal, but it has been a hectic couple of months. Last week was also very busy. 589 more words



(I apologize for grammatical and spelling errors. Many times it is corrected to Indian English)

I think my favourite part about being here is the friendships I have made. 721 more words

Those Who Need Help May Not Be the Ones You Think

Have you ever attended a self-improvement themed seminar and wished that someone else who needed to hear the message could have been there with you? Or sat in a religious service and thought about someone else who needed to hear the sermon? 809 more words

Self Improvement