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You Can Do It!

It’s the last couple weeks of school, and I feel like I’m drowning in papers, interviews, and just a lot of projects.

Somehow this blog has turned into one that hopefully gives helpful tips and inspiration, so I guess here we go again! 225 more words


Drum Diary Week 4

This week I’ve been working on variations of sixteenth note rhythms. Bit of a longer video this time.

As for my other videos, ‘Gear Demos’ and ‘Learn a Song’ videos, I’m taking a break from them for 2 weeks while I sort out some things.

Have a good week,



Traveling Tuesdays: Tips for Teaching Children About the Wonders of Traveling

I have a dream of expanding our homeschool life to a worldschool life. Although the only place I have traveled outside of the US is Bahamas (on a cruise ship), I definitely have a wanderlust spirit. 481 more words


Its More Than Just Money

As I said in my post Why Invest, investing can be rewarding in many ways which are just as, if not more, important than monetary gains.   517 more words


Keep characters in character

You want to build characters that your reader will remember and that you, as a writer, don’t mind spending countless hours with.

The basics

I am not much of a planner. 704 more words



Pernah senyum ke orang tapi salah orang? Atau pernah senyum tapi dicuekin? Entah karena yang disenyumin ngga ngenalin kalau itu kita atau ngga kelihatan kalau lagi disenyumin karena matanya minus. 174 more words


The Lazy Learner

Okay so I have to admit, I love languages, hence why I’m studying them in University. I love being able to speak to locals in their native tongue when I travel. 323 more words

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