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Getting it Wrong

I have not failed. I have found ten thousand ways that do not work.

Thomas Edison

I’ve made mistakes. Lots of them. In my journey to become a more fluent user of digital technologies I’ve had to learn the hard way. 837 more words


Teaching myself ukulele

I mentioned in my second semester post that I taught myself ukulele over winter break. Sadly I don’t have a ton of time to play it at school, but I love it a lot and I feel like I improve whenever I play. 209 more words

College Freshman

Homemade Word Cards - Teach your toddler to read

I just had to share this with you!  Homemade word cards, one of my teaching tools for my kids.

There is no cost, just use the items around your house! 240 more words


Week 7 Blog Spotlight: Topic - Learning

   by  kjeik 

After taking a week off for spring break, we were back at it to learn about learning. We covered the three major learning theories (classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning) and the… 103 more words

Spring 2015

Japan and Foreign Students (Japan ASEAN Youth Conference 2015)

Today I attended Japan ASEAN Youth Conference 2015 in Tokyo.

Statistics indicates that interaction between ASEAN countries and Japan is continuously becoming tighter; one has what the other does not have, so it is good to strengthen the bond between them. 228 more words


This is just the beginning

Time really flies. I can still remember the day I enrolled for this term, my first term in UPOU–my first term as a distance education student. 418 more words

EDS 103