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Weekly Motivational Quote #11

I am turning 25 in less than a day’s time and I thought maybe it’s best to have the weekly quote centered around the essence of growing older or growing up. 63 more words

Mo Qo

be shameless.

shame – A painful emotion caused by a sense of guilt, embarrassment, dishonor; a feeling of being unworthy or disgraced.

At some point in each of our lives we have felt this awful emotion called shame. 340 more words

Path to Self Love

My first really serious relationship was on and off for five years. At the time, you’re completely convinced. This person is the one. How could she not be? 582 more words


I Don't Get It...

There are more things in this world that I will never understand then I dreams I could dream.  In all fairness there are some things I really don’t want to understand.   287 more words

When I got a Burst of Creativity.

Yesterday was great in a way because, besides spilling my coffee all over, I had a vacant part of my day (that should have been filled with my online class’s work, but was not) that I had a chance to do something  336 more words

Do we compete for the creative powers of the world? (that is: democratizing consciousness and why you should care)

::Do we compete for the creative energies of re-imagining the world?::

The world is in dire need of a new imagination. Literally, we need to see things anew and re-imagine everything, because now more than any other time in recent history do we need to come up with solutions to some of our pressing problems that require leaps of creativity, boldness, and imagine-ation. 1,609 more words