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Personal Learning - Brew Day

There is a craft home brewing store in Chilliwack called True North Brewing Supply┬áthat i picked my recipe from. The name and the beer type spoke to me – … 584 more words


Guitar Time

Hey All,
No offense but I would rather be practicing my guitar right now but something about “You have to blog about it in order to get the marks for it caught my attention”….. 307 more words

ECMP 355

Time Signs ASL and Taking the "Time" to Reflect

Please feel free to leave some feedback in the comment section:

The camera is a bit further back this time; this was a correction I needed to make, as suggest by Nadene via email correspondence who noted that “ASL requires the whole upper body, not just the arms and face.” 559 more words


Keeping Warm with Learning

I’ve done it! I’ve completed what I like to call my first “big” project. This scarf started out as just being an infinity scarf without having to wrap it, then I decided that I wanted to wrap it around my neck once. 357 more words

ECMP 455

Pho Real

For my second soup I really wanted to, or rather needed to, start challenging myself in different ways. As a result, I wanted to find a soup recipe that was difficult in all aspects. 2,916 more words

ECMP 455

Sweet and Sour Chicken

I won’t lie about this one. This dish disappointed me. It was good but not how I expected it to be. I was imagining a sweet and sour sauce that was just like from a bottle or restaurant. 506 more words


Learning to Crochet

So, as I usually do, I have switched my learning project from singing to crochet! Why? It is really hard for me to find a place to practise, mainly because I live in Res, and it seemed like I would put a lot of hours into it but I wouldn’t have something to show for it because something technical didn’t work out, or it sounded bad, etc… So over the break I started crocheting and I’ve already put about 6 hours into it. 253 more words

ECMP 355