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The Independent Learning Project Wrap-Up

Over the course of the semester I have learned that anything can be dehydrated. Anything. I have learned that one semester can give people a solid foundation in learning a foreign language. 789 more words

Learning Project

Creating Online

This week I used Canva to create a little something for my independent learning project.

This semester I have chosen to read classic literature for my independent learning project. 564 more words


Dish Cloth 2.0

Alright, so, for my last and final project for this semester I decided that since my crochet skills are much better than when I started I should try and attempt my very first project again – the dish cloth. 34 more words

ECMP 455


In the midst of all the scarf making I found another headband pattern.

This one was a bit harder to follow because usually the patterns I find are blog posts and they have pictures following along with them, but I was kind of going blindly into this one one, but i’m pleased with the way it turned out. 87 more words

ECMP 455

Scarves, Scarves, and More Scarves!

I know I haven’t posted things for my Learning Project for a while, but I’ve kind of become consumed with crocheting. A mother of a friend of mine heard that I was learning how to crochet and she gave me a pattern for this scarf, so I tried it out. 322 more words

ECMP 455

Summary of Learning Project

When I first set out with my learning project I had expected that it would take me a long time to complete even one project, but this was the type of homework that I thoroughly enjoyed. 124 more words

ECMP 455

Cozy Hooks

I was fortunate enough to get all of my grandma’s hooks from her, but in doing so I was given them in a plastic bag. Now I’m not complaining, I was grateful to get the hooks, but some people thought that that was not an appropriate way to carry my hooks around. 330 more words

ECMP 455