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Hi, my name is Jo Crawford and if you cannot tell from my (supposedly ironic) username, I have dyslexia. I am also a young ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association, so I’m kind of really passionate about dyslexia (bit of an understatement). 811 more words


#stopthebus campaign - We want to get on!

“For the last two or three years I have been told I can’t have one because I get low DLA.”

Too many people who have learning disabilities are struggling to get a bus pass. 271 more words

Welfare Benefits

Dear Diary, I went to a birthday party and a powwow!

Dear Diary,

Saturday was an amazing day. The Woman took me to a birthday party!  She told me I have been to other parties, but that I was too young to remember.   749 more words

Ease of access part 1: Magnifier

Magnifier is a tool used by visually impaired students or tutors as it gives them the opportunity to zoom into a piece of text, the software comes with three different viewing screens. 203 more words


Tip 4: Emphasize healthy lifestyle habits

Helping children with learning disabilities Tip 4:
Emphasize healthy lifestyle habits

It may seem like common sense that learning involves the body as well as the brain, but your child’s eating, sleep, and exercise habits may be even more important than you think. 365 more words

Learning Challenge

Tip 2: Identify how your child learns best

Helping children with learning disabilities Tip 2:
Identify how your child learns best

Everyone—learning disability or not—has their own unique learning style. Some people learn best by seeing or reading, others by listening, and still others by doing. 377 more words

Learning Challenge

CollegeWebLD Opening New Doors For Students


CollegeWebLD specializes in helping students with learning differences find a college where they’ll be able to receive services and continue their education on their terms. 47 more words