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A beacon of Thought

Sometimes it is so difficult to get our 11-year-old to work.  Currently, we have him going to a psychologist for “testing.”  We suspect short-term memory might be the issue.  265 more words


Lern Good

Maimo maimo, these whispering secrets cuddle so nicely within me, spay the hellions before they multiply. Then shamefulness, red-cheeked native son blushing hard. I dare not tell a soul unless drunk and defensive, so, you know, every other day it seems to me. 314 more words

Good Form

Although you’d never know it by my looks, I lift weights.  I am not very strong (yet) and I am age-flabby and a bit – ahem – on the high side of my body fat ratio goal. 340 more words

Community life with a difference...

In the second year of the novitiate one faces the ‘long experiment’.  It is with a sense of joy and gratitude that I write about my 3 months living in as a care assistant at L’Arche.  1,068 more words


Dear Diary, I called The Woman by her name...

Dear Diary,

I really do love The Woman Who Feeds Me. She always hugs me in the morning, bedtime, and many times in between.  She tends to feed me food I like and she takes me to cool places.   477 more words

Week 4: Listening to parents #107days

It’s hard to believe that we’re on Week 4 of #107days already, but we are, and this week we’re hoping to explore an issue that comes up time and again, listening to parents and families. 893 more words

Dear Diary, I am a rock star...

Dear Diary,

Being sedated was not so bad, but more importantly, I am a rock star. In fact, today was quite awesome!  I knew something was up when I was allowed to sleep in and The Woman Who Feeds Me did not feed me.   782 more words