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Being Bettina’s Dad and Being ‘Significant’

From a very early age I have often found myself in leadership positions. When I think about it, I suppose it started when I was 6 or 7! 739 more words


The Care Act 2014

Today, 1 April 2015, certain provisions of the Care Act 2014 (the Act) come into force[1] in the UK and many of us will be holding out hope that this piece of legislation will start to address the shortcomings of the care system for people with learning disabilities in the UK. 1,384 more words

Learning Disability

Voices of #PhysEd: The Growth Mindset and Invisible Disabilities

Teaching students to have a growth mindset has become a trend within education over the past few years. The idea of the growth mindset is based upon research on achievement and success by Stanford University Psychologist Carol Dweck. 1,916 more words


Let go from my job AGAIN...

I was let go from my last job a few weeks ago now. It knocked the wind out of my sails for sure. I thought I was going to be there for a long time – I got along with everyone in the office, people noticed when I didn’t make it in, I was doing my job well and I was getting paid well. 234 more words


What an Intellectual Delay really means?

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The quality of the on-going life of a person who has an intellectual disability generally depends upon his personality; his coping skills; intervention to reduce the effects of physical, social, and sensory disabilities; the support of family, friends, and community; and the intensity of home or work demands. 315 more words


The history of intelligence and 'intellectual disability' - a guest post from C.F. Goodey

Posted by David Cota, Senior Marketing Coordinator

Enjoy this guest post from C.F. Goodey, author of A History of Intelligence and ‘Intellectual Disability’. Goodey’s book was chosen by our editors as having played a significant part in the building and reputation of our History publishing programme. 1,489 more words