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Disabled Writers

I’ve read over this article on the¬†Poetry Foundation¬†website numerous times, mostly trying to give myself a jolt in my personal statement and also it’s rare to find an article on disabled writers (which is ironic because that’s half their arugment…the lack thereof). 472 more words


Recontextualizing Special Needs

Looking back on your school days, you may remember only seeing your peers with learning disabilities in the hallways, not sitting alongside them in a classroom. 613 more words

Learning Disabilities

You're Stupid: Bullying and Learning Disabilities

Dyslexia, Aspergers, and other learning issues alone can erode a child’s self esteem. especially before a true diagnosis and intervention. Add teasing and taunting on top of a fragile ego and you have a powder keg. 837 more words


Lets talk about Sex....

Sex. It’s something that is often seen as a taboo subject in this country. It is the sort of thing we might mumble about, or joke about with our friends, but we tend to keep tight lipped about it. 665 more words


#summitPortrayed So Far So Good

Been an exciting few days of my residency. People are beginning to recognize their portraits and are visiting my Studio Hub on a regular basis just to find out who’s been portrayed next. 22 more words

Solving The Puzzle

Autism has been part of my life ever since I was born. I remember how confused I felt when the subject was brought up a week after graduating High School. 275 more words

Autism Stories

The Secret to Not Killing Your Child's Specialist!

Parents of children with learning disabilities know what it’s like to be in the trenches. What is it that they say? The universe first hits you with a pebble, then a brick, a finally the whole house falls on your head. 1,394 more words