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Desire The Journey

Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.


Rita Harrison

Do You Mind?

The mind has limitless power and adaptability. If anything can be changed, it’s the mind.

Rita Harrison

Teaching as a hobby?

It seams I have been busy filling my calendar this spring with all kinds of teaching/tutoring/guiding tasks which don’t pay at all nor do they relate to my vocational teacher studies. 631 more words

Learning By Doing

Untuk Mama Yang Luar Biasa

Apa kabarmu di sana, ma?

Lihatlah anakmu ini, semakin besar semakin sulit mengatakan kalau sedang rindu berat padamu. Tak seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya, tahun ini kita semakin jarang bertemu. 663 more words


When Opportunity Comes Knocking

As my classmates were getting ready to traverse the globe, dabble in entrepreneurial ventures, prep for recruiting season, or taking short MIT classes intended to broaden your horizon like ice sculpting — I had other plans of how I would spend IAP. 727 more words


"What did you do after your MBA?"

MBA Paul Hinks interviewed by LWD editor Tudor Rickards

LWD Editor Tudor Rickards catches up with MBA graduate Paul Hinks and asks about personal development gains since his costly investment… 1,763 more words

How to survive on something I cooked oder: Wie man auch für wenig Geld beschissen essen kann

Kochen ist ja total in. Unglaublich hip. Kochblogs, Kochshows, eigene Channels rund ums Kochen, alles rührt im Topf. So scheints zumindest.

Ist ja auch alles irgendwie sehr verständlich. 523 more words