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#TBT | An Intro To Bokeh

Bokeh : Celebration of Imperfections

We all want Pictures that are perfect.

But we all like this Imperfection

Called Bokeh.

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Bokeh : Celebration of Imperfections


Little People

Parenthood is a miracle, I repeat, Miracle. If you don’t think, so you probably haven’t gone through the process that it takes to bring a child unto this planet. 66 more words


#TBT | How to do a Zoom Blur

Learn Zoom Blur

Want to read about a cool trick with your DSLR?

Want to create such images without an image editing software? Create special effects with your camera itself. 11 more words


Image Critiques for 3/25/2015

Image Critiques for 3/25/2015

This video is a critique session for the members of my online photography class. I offer suggestions for improving images in camera and through post processing. 23 more words

Image Critiques

Social Media as a Learning Tool

Starting out on my photography journey, I was either too shy, too broke, or too discouraged by those who refused to help me learn to actually learn anything with help. 656 more words

Senior Photography

Don’t just click images, capture it in a way which evoke an emotion

Learning photography has never been more famous than it is presently. This is because of the approach of computerized photography and the present simple openness of the photographic medium. 462 more words

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