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Disempowerment through Schooling: Evidence | Leah

Are you sitting comfortably? Well then here is your whistle-stop of what 21st Century Schooling has become… Age 7: Who is in Control?  This is a secret: I’ve been watching them and I think my Teachers are trapped. 30 more words

IJacob's Spiritual Life - Radio Transcripts

Welcome to Simple Faith, I am your Host Cathy Merritt

Tonight I come to you from Wisconsin

Let’s begin in prayer.

I ask God to bless this lesson and protect and shield my mouth so that I speak only God’s truth and that I provide us all a practical way to be a Christian and share the Gospel of Christ with our friends, families and strangers we encounter. 3,564 more words

Franschhoek Literary Festival Review

I must ashamedly admit that I had never heard of the Franschhoek Literary Festival before the idea to go to it was presented to us. I did my research and I was really excited. 504 more words

Franschhoek Literary Festival

Homemade vs. Take-out

Personally, I prefer homemade to take out, but each side does have its positives and negatives. 381 more words


Quotes to Live By | After the Storm

The good news is we survived the night without power. The downside, our electricity is still off and I have several assignments that need to be turned in today. 268 more words