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The City as the Incubator for Political Leaders

Political parties should look at the City as the place to groom their next generation of leaders.   It’s imperative for political parties to find credible leaders who can connect with the new polity.  390 more words


Resolving Conflict - Tips and Techniques

“Choice of Words” matter – Be sensitive to it

1. Avoid “Always or Never”
When confronting someone, refrain from using the words always or never… 1,732 more words


Executive Powers Curtail Cyber Threat Reality

Cyber crime threats are growing rapidly and business organizations need to stay ahead of security risks. This indisputable fact necessitates proactive defense strategies established across the organization, from an executive level through to bottom-of-the-chain employees. 479 more words


When Enough Is Enough

You are enough! Those three words as simple as they are, have the power to calm a troubled heart. How many days do you wake with feelings of inadequacy? 428 more words


No Place Left Nashville, TN

Thank you to Brian Hayden, one of our graphic design gurus, for creating this regional logo for for our No Place Left Nashville, TN vision and leader network. 118 more words


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Who Will Lead Black Americans?

It’s either a sad irony or a fitting tribute that the end of Black History Month dribbles right into March Madness. No sooner do we finish celebrating significant African-American contributions to American culture than we get to see some of our finest young black competitors perform amazing feats of athleticism. 1,454 more words

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AbbVie Wins Bidding War for Maker of Cancer Drug, Then Goes on Defensive by ANDREW POLLACK


Strategically, the $21 billion deal for Pharmacyclics seems to make sense for AbbVie, but at least some analysts said the company had paid too much. 12 more words

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