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Lesson 260 Media and the Balance of Power

This week Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to the US Congress at the invitation of the Speaker of the House without the concurrence of the President, breaking all established protocol for a state visit. 362 more words

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And Now Presenting...

I recently attended the annual NAIS conference in Boston. I worked with two other strong, confident, and thoughtful women leaders from school’s in California to present a 3-hour workshop on leadership and the work of the a division head. 34 more words


Devoid of Leadership America looks elsewhere

Devoid of leadership America looks elsewhere

America is starving for leadership. Weakness has been the center piece of the Obama Administration. Lacking backbone and a clear vision for this country President Obama has faltered on the international stage and at home. 449 more words

Ice Cream as Health Food? This Bar Comes Close by JANET MORRISSEY


Sales of Enlightened ice cream bars, which have fewer calories and more nutrients than regular ice cream, have been going impressively well. 12 more words

Steven McGugan

Build Trust as a Servant Leader

Leadership in any global context has at least one common thread: trust. Any world culture is built on dynamics shared by a collection of individuals based on trust of one another, (Schein, 2010) which is a fundamental factor for cooperation between people. 406 more words

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McDonald's CEO's radical new plan: actually focus on food

McDonald’s announcement today is a big deal.

In case you missed it, the fast food giant said that within the next two years it will only use chickens “raised without antibiotics important to human medicine,” and later this year will use milk from cows that are not treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST. 346 more words


March 4th

Today I got in early cause on Wednesdays we usually do some tabletopping IRL.  Did some stuff and finished the daily and am in the middle of handling some drama.   99 more words

Rain Dancers