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Signs You're Meant to Be a Leader

Everyone is a leader! Do you believe this? Most people don’t. But if you have these 5 traits, you might be a natural born leader. If you don’t, you can learn how to become a leader by exhibiting these traits.

Career Tips

Hello World ! The first chant

Thanks for visiting my blog. This blog is an experience sharing and helping platform for the IT generation. After travelling in the IT industry for more than ten years, now it is time to hold and take a rest and help others to grow. 125 more words


What is one way to become a person of influence?

What is Leadership in one word?

Influence- John C Maxwell.

5 years ago I was promoted to Wisconsin division manager of sales!  I was officially excited and nervous about my new position. 609 more words


Passionate or Emotional

Perhaps you watch too many movies or too much reality TV, but in the work world, Passionate and Emotional are not the same thing. To lump them together is to unwittingly dismiss potential in your organization. 309 more words

General Business Strategy

Feeding "IT" Will Grow "IT"

by Dale Hewett Collier

Following the “IT” factor from last month’s theme … If you have two dogs that constantly fight each other. Which one wins? 313 more words