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Let Me Be Me: Struggling with the identity binary

Fears come in many forms, and trust me, they don’t discriminate based on class, race, or gender. The fears exposed in the story I wrote, “Let Me Be Me… 126 more words


The left turns on Bruce Jenner after he admits he is a Christian conservative-leaning Republican who believes in the Constitution

 I have not paid much attention to the Bruce Jenner story because simply it does not interest me, what a person does in his private life is nobody’s business but his own–or at least this story did not interest me until now. 459 more words


A Little Perspective on Hillary Clinton

WED APR 15, 2015 AT 07:26 PM PDT
by xaxnar

There’s a certain amount of wrangling back and forth here at Kos over the prospect of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for president. 801 more words


unwanted nostalgia

I found out I was pregnant in June.  I miscarried in July.  I cried in the doctor’s office because even if I wasn’t ready for this baby I still mourned the loss of infinite possibilities. 356 more words

Is Religious Conservatism Losing its Hold on the Bible Belt?

Springfield, Missouri is often referred to the center or heart of the Bible Belt, but could that be a thing of the past in a few years? 449 more words


I find it easier to talk to my dad.  This hurts my mom but she’s finally come to terms with it because we both know that we’re too similar.   394 more words

That is a Person

Being raised here in the south, the good ole Bible belt, I have come to realize a few things about most people who are in older generations. 683 more words