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No Problem

Any time and everywhere

when you’re thinking people stare –

you’ve got a problem

If it doesn’t matter what they say

And you think yours is the only way –

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Kait King

Instant Professional 

A fast and easy way to get a professional appearance is through solid colors. Especially if they’re complimentary or, if you’re artistically challenged like me, they can be simple, dark colors like black, blue, and gray. 44 more words


No.6 - I know, I know, I'm BAD at this...

I don’t think I’ll ever regularly upload anything to this blog. I think thats my unique quality. This quality seems remarkably similar to extreme laziness… but hey, qualities are qualities. 494 more words


I'm still alive, just being a lazy slob until work starts

Don’t fret loyal readers, I’m still alive. Laying on the couch, but still alive.

School’s been out since May 4th and since then I’ve been schmucking around being lazy. 182 more words


I like to take my time when doing things.

Yes. You know you can feel it. That rant I’ve got brewing about this one sentence “I like to take my time when doing things”. Do you know how many times a day I hear this? 174 more words