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Poorly Prepared

That is how I begin my running season. Tomorrow is the first race of the year for me and I’ve run a whole whopping four times this year. 316 more words


Weekend lazy

Date Stamp: Sunday February 8, 2015

Monday February 9, 2015
Tuesday February 10, 2015

Yawn, I’m a sleepy kitty, obsessive with being in bed. Hmm, I am so inspiration less at this time, so I should muddle through this, one way or another. 97 more words


Another Haiku

I Was Lazy I’m Sorry

It Was Laundry Day


Lazy is good!

Being lazy is too much fun, it’s a shame that it never gets you anywhere (or that’s what THEY say, whoever THEY are). It’s understandable why being lazy is bad because if you don’t do anything with your day then it means that you’re not moving forward. 223 more words



Recently I haven’t blogged. In fact to be perfectly honest the thought has barely crossed my mind. Life has gotten to be busy, in the most irritating way. 105 more words

How to Survive a Sick Day

This time of the year, catching a cold or two is almost inevitable. The weather is gross, and people get sick frequently, which of course only spreads the disease. 523 more words


Excuse me, who you calling a lazy old cow?

Exercise and I really don’t do all that well. I’m the kind of gal who will go to the gym regularly, but will find joy in parking and leaving without the need to walk through the door. 468 more words