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Happy birthday Layla El

Today is the Birthday #38 of WWE Diva Layla El, you can congratulate her in her twitter and instagram


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Plan B

After Friday’s NCNS, I approached yesterday’s 10 a.m. appointment with a plan B in mind.

A few local providers have mentioned that business has slowed down for the summer. 496 more words

Escort Experiences

WWE RAW RESULTS: The Diva of Tomorrow Remains the Lone Wolf (June, 15th 2015)

Hello Everyone and welcome to the newest episode of Short Divas Development….I Mean RAW. Following the Money in the Bank PPV, that saw the Girls go at it in a pleasing timely effort, Paige’s efforts to overthrow the Bella’s haven’t come to a close, and this time shes trying to sneak the other divas into her plan to overthrow Double Trouble. 1,403 more words


At school I was always a bit of a nerd; the cool kids walked around with copies of Cream, King Crimson or Blodwyn Pig albums under their arm.   273 more words


WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Naomi and Tamina Look to Make a Shift Back Into the Title Picture (June, 12th 2015)

Welcome to this weeks Main Event report, the last televised report before this weeks Money in the Bank PPV. On Display this week is Layla, and as i mentioned in the Superstars report, she seems to be in the ring full time from this week, and the former divas champion is switching roles from the previous match to team with Emma against the unique duo who seem to have lost their push as of late, Tamina Snuka and Naomi. 857 more words

WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: Battle of the Brits Before One Looks to "Cash In" On Gold (June, 12th 2015)

Hello Everyone. So because its well hit passed Midnight here in England, would you believe its Money in the Bank Day!? Im still getting used to the amount of PPVs in the small timeframe, along with debating whether some of the matches are watchable on this evening, but before we can discuss the future bouts in the ring lets shift focus to other in ring bouts this week, one including on WWE Superstars. 669 more words

Brit vs Brit #SuperstarsReview

We were treated with a match on Superstars this week, with the returning Layla taking Paige. Let’s get into it.
This was a decent match. 110 more words