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Why You Should Always Have theNumber of a Quality Personal Injury Lawyer

Let’s face it, accidents can, and will happen. If we spend enough time on the road, sooner or later, trouble will find us. That does not necessarily have to be a fatal accident, it can be a relatively harmless bump with another car, or any road related problem that could warrant legal help. 264 more words

Semi Truck Accidents Lawyer Denver

Information, Glorious Information

We went into this knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy and it wasn’t going to be a normal placement. A normal pre-adoptive placement would have included a disclosure (a sit down with social workers who would reveal every scrap of information the department knew about the children) and more preparation time. 1,239 more words

Retainers. What you need to know before hiring a lawyer.

Retainer.  Awful word.  And what are we talking about in terms of money?  $2,500?  $10,000?  The reality is that many attorneys and law firms demand a retainer before they even start to lift a pencil.   356 more words


Your Prescription's Ready! Better Call Saul...Doctor's Orders

Just a few short (eternal) weeks ago I went through some serious despair when I had to accept the fact that I was taking my final dose. 547 more words

Just a job!

They say that about doctors and lawyer you know. Be impersonal. Be detached. Dont you dare get carried away by the helplessness of your client or your patient. 366 more words

Atlanta Falcons Draft Outlook

Tim Green Syracuse’s new post:

The Combine is all over for the 2015 draft class. What will come of the findings for the Atlanta Falcons as we approach draft night? 390 more words

Tim Green Syracuse

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Harrisburg PA | Motorcycle Injury Attorney | The Law Office of Roy Galloway, LLC

Roy Galloway Law has been helping Motorcycle accident victims in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area put their lives back together and get the help and compensation they need to move forward in their lives. 26 more words