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Washington To License Roughly 400 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

There are medical marijuana dispensaries spread all over Washington State. Many of these establishments have been helping patients access medicine for a long time. Despite these medical marijuana dispensaries being good neighbors in the neighborhoods they operate in, the State of Washington is trying to shut most of them down. 21 more words

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Seattle Mayor: Shut Down Shady Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray says all medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle are illegal. So he wants to shut half of them down, starting with those that opened recently and haven’t been paying taxes.  26 more words

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Seattle mayor pressures medical marijuana dispensaries

SEATTLE – There’s a new crackdown on the medical pot dispensaries in Seattle.

Mayor Ed Murray argues it’s time to rein in an industry that has grown enormously and that often violates the law. 54 more words

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Mayor to Introduce Medical Marijuana Enforcement Plan That's Likely to Shut Down at Least 50 Dispensaries

Ahead of new state rules for medical marijuana, the city plans to shut down dispensaries that didn’t have a business license before January 2013 or sell to kids and people without doctor’s recommendations. 82 more words

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Stolen Firearms

Many years ago burglars stole an entire gun safe from my husband and I. We naively thought it would be too heavy for burglars to take and we had other priorities at the time, because we were settling in after a tiresome move from one state to another. 471 more words

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Jeff Lehman reblogged this on Semi on Target and commented:

This is a great article from our friend Janine over the Bitterroot Women's Shooting School about stolen Firearms. There are many things to consider when your gun is stolen, besides the feelings of betrayal and your privacy being violated. I can't imagine what she felt when it happened and I am glad she felt she could share the experience and the followup with everyone.

Mayor introduces legislation to create new licenses for marijuana businesses

City will establish consistent practices and safer access


Mayor Ed Murray today unveiled new legislation for the marijuana industry. The proposal addresses the rise of the unregulated medical marijuana dispensaries and creates a path for dispensaries to join the fully licensed and legal marketplace. 71 more words

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Why Living With The In-Laws Is Actually Costing You Money

You and your spouse just got married, you both have jobs and you’re about to start a family. Your husband’s parents invited you to temporarily live with them while you are still getting back on your feet financially, especially after the wedding-…