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National media gets it wrong on South Carolina's Republican Party's No Sex pledge: Good news for Todd Kincannon

National Media gets it wrong again.

Not true that SCGOP is asking everyone to sign the “Purity Pledge” it dreamed up in 2012.

Here’s their FB update: 1,233 more words


What kind of a person is asked to help other people and then helps himself?

So last week I had an interesting discussion with one of my co-workers that had me heated. Quite frankly it urkes me to see people continue to take advantage of the disenfranchised and vulnerable populations for transactional purposes. 575 more words

Civil Rights

Preference In Per Capita, Public Benefits, Is a Legal War Claim. Ignorance In The Public Employee. USA Department Of Health And Human Resources Claims Hot Prepared Food and Vitamins Are A Health Hazard Not To Be Covered In Public Benefits. USA Department Of Housing And Urban Benefits Claim Non - Prescription Drugs Are A Health Hazard And Can Not Be Covered In Public Benefits.

If Non- Prescription drugs are a health hazard so are prescription drugs.

HUD said No Smoking in housing benefits. Housing benefits is public Per Capita. If you claim Smoking is a health hazard and deny it in public benefits you also claim that prescription drugs is a health hazard and public benefits must deny them. 413 more words


Police find men who built "mystery tunnel"

The bizarre mystery that gripped Toronto last week appears to have come to a rather unsatisfactory conclusion.

The Toronto Police Service announced Monday morning that the force has concluded its investigation into the 33-foot tunnel that was found in January in the woods near York University. 84 more words


Homeless Man Shot and Killed By LA Cops, YouTube Video

All the facts aren’t in, but it is hard to even imagine a story that can justify four policemen shooting at least five shots at a man they apparently have subdued and who is lying on the ground. 8 more words


Former "Brady Bunch" star "Greg" AKA Barry Williams sued by ex girlfriend

Barry Williams is fighting back against allegations that he abandoned his girlfriend and their 3-year-old daughter.

Williams, who is best known for playing as Greg Brady from the 1970s sitcom “The Brady Bunch,” tells Inside Edition that the allegations are nothing more than “the rants of a scorned woman.” 36 more words



What is Copyright?’The term copyright refers to the legal protection given to a copyright owner by Federal,International,and in limited cases state statute.A legal document that state’s a person’s claim (that may or may not be factual) to be the original author of the material being registered for copyright,i.e.,copyrighted.The copyright convention allows the copyright owner the right to exercise the exclusive rights granted a copyright owner under copyright law.Through this process,the copyright owner earns remuneration by the number of times his/her work are copied for distribution”. 799 more words