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Cleaning House

I finished my taxes earlier today… I don’t know why I procrastinated as much as I did – I knew I was getting a refund – but I guess part of it was that I am a little worried about last year’s taxes. 1,170 more words

How long do I keep my child in a rear-facing car seat?

Many parents used to turn the seat to face front when their child turned one year and weighted at least 20lbs.

But in 2011 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) revised its policy. 81 more words


Special interview with Justine Thornton

I was privileged enough to conduct an interview with Justine Thornton, barrister and wife to Ed Miliband. A former child actress, Justine is now an environmental barrister, fighting for the environment that has no voice. 518 more words


Helping Steven R. Donziger with some Streisand Effect

The court found that Donziger corrupted the Ecuadorian case by submitting fraudulent evidence, coercing the judge, paying off a supposedly impartial expert, paying a Colorado consulting firm to write the expert’s report, falsely presenting the report as the expert’s own work, bribing the judge to give a ruling against Chevron and then trying to mislead the US courts.

Good Grief

Indiana's recent law


I think the law was grotesquely stupid and likely a threat to far more than my gay friends but I also look forward to them suffering many unintended consequences.


Its nearing that time again; the time when college students must emerge from their darkened lairs and begin the fabled ritual of revision. Time consuming and well, pretty much downright dull! 100 more words

English Lit

Causes and Claims during a Motorcycle Crash Lawsuit

There are various reasons that a Motorcycle Crashes Attorney Atlanta can help in motorcycle accident lawsuits, even when you are the one filing for these lawsuits or the one defending yourself against them. 276 more words