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Even if you Don't Agree with Their Choices...

Each of us has our own unique way of perceiving life. We are made up of our past experiences and lessons, our upbringing, what we perceive from our particular point of view, and how we relate and feel in society. 244 more words

Law Of Attraction

How Wonderful Art Thou Right Now!

Dear FutureMe Super Sweetheart,

Take a moment when this message comes. Really. Stop what you’re doing and breathe deeply for a few seconds.

(You’re welcome, darling. 268 more words

Gratitude is the key

I want to first say how grateful I am for without you asking me how I started then I wouldn’t be writing this now.

The law of attraction was introduced to me a couple of years ago and within that time I’ve created some amazing things. 176 more words


May 3rd 2015 - Feng Shui LOA Coach , Sherry Trentini shares her journey from grief to success

Sherry shares her journey with Coach Rita Hurry and explains how her training in various modalities helped her cope with losing her husband and father within a short space of time, whilst bringing up 2 daughters. 36 more words


Your Fertile Ground: Fertilize Your Manifestational Soil

We have to fertilize our thoughts and lives with righteous seeds. Seeds that will take root, blossom and sustain all the dreams you have. To fertilize your dreams means to take time and space to feed your soul with practices and prayer. 979 more words


What Source Thinks and The Path of Least Resistance

I just watched this game-changing video about what Source thinks and the path of least resistance, as told by Abraham-Hicks. I have been thinking that I have eliminated so many limiting beliefs, so I’ve been wondering why certain things haven’t been moving forward with more positive momentum…and I knew deep down that I still have some resistance.   172 more words