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Set Your Past Thoughts Free

All of us do it. All of us look to the past to remember.  Sometimes we don’t even know that we are going in the past with the mind and end up in the middle of one of those memories of the past.  236 more words

Law Of Attraction

5th July 2015 - Fear, Relationships & Law of Attraction: How do you deal with this?

Coach Rita Hurry brings you a special show today covering 2 major areas in our lives – Fear & Relationships. Coach Rita Hurry will break down fear and share insight into how to stop fear from blocking your manifestations. 70 more words

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The Gratitude Experiment

Try this little experiment…

Set aside 10 minutes today to think about, write down, or (my personal favourite) talk to yourself out loud about, everything in your life you have to feel grateful for.  263 more words

What if my friend is sick? How can I not focus on the sickness?

This is such an empowering question! You don’t have to “ignore” the sickness that is right in front of you – if you are a deliberate creator you can see it and feel no worry what so ever because you KNOW how natural wellness is, you KNOW how natural and easy it is to allow wellness to return!

How To Allow

Too Hot!

These pants should not be allowed out of the house during the day!

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Frequencies and Vibrations (Video)

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” – Edgar Allan Poe

Everything we come by in life is made of vibrations and frequencies. 305 more words



I’ve talked a teeny bit about my religious beliefs previously.

To be honest, I probably didn’t have any right talking about my religious beliefs whatsoever. 1,237 more words

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