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Saara Asikainen: Annexed Bodies

The binary between property and personhood is a false one. In a society that imbues property with undue meaning, persons become defined through what they own. 712 more words

Immorality of secret information

Why did we become weak and scared?

Does a connection exist among hardiness, freedom, honesty, and courage on the one hand, and fragility, subservience, secrecy, and timidness on the other? 961 more words

Law And Society

What do my fellow Canadians think?

“We believe most Canadians, including new Canadians, would find it offensive that someone would cover their face at the very moment they want to join the Canadian family,” the PMO said.


Law And Society

Tony Robinson: victim number xxxxx

You know the protests in Ferguson last year did not occur because of one death. They occurred due to a pattern of killing and mistreatment that extends back for years. 814 more words

Law And Society

Why Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's trial does not function as a trial

As Boston prepared for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial, I tracked how jury selection was coming along, mostly to get a feel for when the trial would start. 899 more words

Law And Society

FCC members could put more thought into this

I’d like to see this cartoon with the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, or the White House in the background! The humor is especially appropriate on a day when the FCC announces its decision to regulate ISPs as utilities.

Law And Society

Will You Be My Valentine? Could You Also Wire Me Money While You're At It?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many singles are looking for love. As a result of our busy schedules and lack of time to go out and to meet people, many are turning to dating websites and social media.  269 more words