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Understanding the Will to Godhood

This post is something of a side note to my new series on the subject of egalitarianism. In the first post of that series, which was published earlier today, I wrote, “Egalitarianism is simply an intellectualized form of the visceral will to godhood which is at the root of all sin.” I want to expound on the phrase “will to godhood”; as I will be using it quite a bit in the following posts, I think it important that my readers have a good grip on what I mean by it. 1,326 more words

Law And Grace

Let your light so shine: Recovering a biblical emphasis in dress

Over the past two days I’ve written a quite a bit about the subject of modesty. In so doing I have primarily attempted to accomplish three things. 5,787 more words

Law And Grace

Setting the record straight on modesty, part deux

I decided to write about modesty again today, as I have a number of developing thoughts that I didn’t get to in yesterday’s post. This is a heavily discussed topic in our day, almost belabored, and the Christian public is fast becoming weary of it, it seems. 5,595 more words

Law And Grace

The Trouble with "Legalism"

This is an offshoot of a post that I’ve been working on today which I decided to post separately because I think it is better standing alone. 662 more words

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Being a Real Christian - Part 5

In Part 1, I mentioned what often happens when we try to change our ways. Although a small percentage of us will succeed, most will not see a meaningful, sustained difference. 722 more words

The Death and Resurrection Principle

The Death and Resurrection Principle

Follow-up to “Are We Really As He Is In Our World?”

By Fred Pruitt

 Question 2: Can you clear the confusion on the different ways “death” is used in the New Testament and by Christians who describe life in Christ? 5,871 more words

Entering God's Rest