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Bohemian Dreams

So It all started out with a subscriber notice from League. I took one look at this dress and fought my way to Uber.

Thank god for area search is all I have to say. 183 more words


Dear February

Dear February

There are so many reasons to love you february. You often bring the return of the sun as you have done this year. I’ve had time to go out for walks without being so bundled up I can barely breathe. 242 more words


Playground Reminisce

Recently we were asked to write about creating the perfect playground. What kind of  playing equipment would you have? Does the playground have a certain theme? 353 more words


Review: Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection

Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection

A good brush set is essential in any make-up collection, in my opinion. There’s an ongoing debate of brushes vs fingers for applying foundation, but having oily skin, I much prefer make-up application with a clean brush. 155 more words


The Wicked + The Devine #8 - Comic Review

Despite having only two years to live their lives and use their powers, the incarnated gods of The Wicked + The Devine head in a more relaxed direction.  767 more words



As we shared a couple of weeks ago, our doctors told us that Judah’s cancer is back, too aggressive and advanced for further medical treatment. They graciously attempted to prepare us to watch our son’s life slip away in the coming weeks or months. 621 more words