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Folding clothes, or The Zone

Mrs G and the Feliciraptor are going away, not permanently but just for a few days to see some good friends in the lovely city of Berlin. 531 more words


What Am I Doing?

I’ve been thinking.  Not only am I only one of the most selfish person you’d likely run into, but I’m going to be hated wherever I go.  191 more words


I Lost My Mind Over a Downey Ball

Okay. I have got to get this anger under control. Seriously. What the hell is my problem?  Wanted to start some laundry this morning and I couldnt find the stupid Downey Ball! 291 more words


Laundry, moving through life's cycles

How do we do a simple task like laundry? Is there a bucket and washboard involved? No, we are off grid, not in the 1800s. We purposely bought an older electric Kenmore washing machine with no computer, just plain old knobs and dials. 608 more words

Electricity Conservation

Shiny, new things...

I’ve spent the past two weeks agonising over appliances. What do I need now? Will I get a better deal if I get everything at once? 451 more words


Links I Like


Memorial Day SALE: Shopping guide.

North Jersey is a mall mecca.

This music video makes me want the summer to arrive, right now!  32 more words