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Travel stories, true and false. Unpacking Italy.

Been in Italy a week now. I’m no expert, but I’ve learned is that…

  • Italian food tastes better than what you order from the menu.
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Laugh It Off

Hey everyone!

Life being me is one awkward embarrassing mess.

A couple of days ago I embarrassed myself big time again.

Now I just laugh about myself and I make sure no one laughs harder at me than myself. 276 more words


Bicycle diaries, Italy. To Florence with mishappence and serendipity.

it was a lovely breakfast. The coffee in Tuscany is a consistently good quality. The croissants are sweet and a bit flaky. It is a pity that the weather isn’t as good as the food. 541 more words


Random Laughter

This had me laughing uncontrollably. It is good to laugh every day.

iced finger

After spending the day dodging charity collectors I have managed to intercept the ups delivery man and have my new life changing device in my hand. 200 more words

The Present

is it wrong

I have lost count of how many times I have had people knock on my door asking for donations to charity, don’t get me wrong I am a generous person and have raised and given hundreds of ££££’s to charity. 213 more words

The Present

Happy Friday!

Wrapping up a week of lemons, coconuts, and bee pollen I found a free Zumba class at our local community center.

Just being honest, I’d never Zumba’d before. 288 more words