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Let's pretend like that didn't just happen

Crash into a house during a race… yeah we’re good.


Hello world!

Not all those who wander are lost ~ JRR Tolkien

Welcome! I am a young, spirited, Irish girl who is bursting with energy to explore all the nooks and crannies of the world.

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Enjoy the little things

So I have a love for those awful shit films, that are so bad you can’t help but watch them and enjoy. One recent find was Sharknado 2 (yes I’m well behind the times) – a dude cuts a shark in half with a large chainsaw and a cameo from Kelly Osbourne, what more could you want from a movie!?!?


Celebrities whispering about sweet nothings... like Hot Pockets

Jimmy Fallon was obviously extremely accurate in figuring out what they were saying.


The Mocking Past

I am still too attached to the mocking past.

Strangers laugh and I wonder if they are laughing at me as they pass.

Suddenly I am the awkward boy again, worried the outer mantle of me has somehow worn thin. 13 more words


Apparently ranch dressing is hilarious

Who knew that all you have to do is shake a bottle of ranch dressing and babies burst into laughter.