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Kid President gets uncle advice from Steve Martin

Presidents are supposed to be equipped for most challenges, but when it comes to little nieces, things can get a little tricky.


My Non-MistakeĀ 

There will come a day when I realize what happened.

When I realize where the mistake was

When I realize why it wasn’t a mistake at all. 264 more words


Cate Blanchett doesn't have time for stupid interview questions

Especially about how to tame cats, when everyone knows they’re untamable.


The Magic School Bus has an important message for anti-vaccine parents

If the science of Ms. Frizzle can’t convince you then what will?


Friday Funnies

Q. What did the lawyer name his daughter?
A. Sue

Ten Things I know about you

1) You are reading this.

2) You are human. 325 more words

Friday Funnies