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How to make at-home Lattes, Macchiatos & Other Espresso Drinks

I am a coffee fiend. Last fall semester I had about $400 “dining dollars” to use at school. I discovered a coffee shop that took dining dollars and… let’s just say I was drowning in espresso and used up the entire amount before the end of the semester. 1,182 more words


El Chino

Positioned in the quaint and unpretentious Fitzroy North (aka Northroy), El chino sits happily to serve your mexican and caffeine desire. Above is your standard latte (North Americans, please take note! 45 more words



“A portafilter is the component of the espresso maker that holds the ground espresso beans (coffee grounds) prior to and during the brewing process.” – Portafilter definition.  432 more words



It’s late at night and you’ve probably consumed too many lattes during your busy day, so naturally you can’t sleep.  I hope my blog provides you with a nice outlet to keep you entertained throughout your sleepless night cravings, interests, and thoughts. 7 more words


Caterer of the Month: Cappuccino Catering with CCI Presents

Our Caterer of the Month is CCI Presents.  What makes them interesting is the vast array of beverages they offer in addition to the unique and beautiful presentations of their offerings.   602 more words