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"I Just Can't." Singer-Songwriter Anthony Cruz

Because sometimes you need a heartthrob to get your Hump Day going. What’s sexier than being serenaded in one language? Watch and find out.

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SPOOF: Southern offers new language program in High Valyrian

Jess Pellegrino - General Assignment Reporter 

‘Skoriot ñuhyz zaldrīzesse ilzi?’ The Southern Connecticut State University will be introducing a pilot program through the university’s World Languages department. 512 more words


complacent, complaisant

kəmplāsənt, self-satisfied, latin

roots: latin/com/with, latin/placere/please

kəmplāsənt/kämplāzant, compliant, french from latin

roots: latin/com/with, latin/placere/please


sirgang, cissa

sərgaŋ, asian bird, ceylon (sumatra)

sisə, green or blue magpie, new latin from greek


Celebrating Selena: 20 Years After Her Death

When Selena was breaking concert attendance records at home and abroad, there weren’t a lot of crossover pop stars who looked like her in the United States. 814 more words


Obesity tanka (Latin Edition)

This is my original post rewritten in Latin.

Miscere adipem comedere
Cum enim excessus, pondere workout
Tabescere quasi nix

Intellige motum duo modo platea
Rapit tibi ad viam iustorum


Workout and eating quantity (Latin Edition)

This is my original post rewritten in Latin.

Hoc aute amet mediorum “et plus habent minus workout” nuntius dolore magna quantum ad omnia, sed hoc non fit per hoc verbum; Sunt enim qui faciebant opus sicco math plus habiturum et dolore magna aliqua enim aperit ostium est minus edere primum ut sit sensus, sunt populus outtake superentque CIBUS attractio nutriendum; Quamvis vero nobis workout dicendum quod prioritise edendi victu satis nutrimento indigetur ad instituendam recte corpus pondus.