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But you look so... feminine.

“But you look so… feminine.”

That phrase, right up there, is the bane of my existence. In fact, the whole concept of femininity has haunted me ever since I became aware of the difference in socialization I was receiving compared to my brother. 959 more words


Sexo en lenguas: in vino veritas

por Reynaldo R. Alegría

Lo que algunos hombres no pueden entender es que a algunas mujeres nos gusta jugar con ellos tanto como a ellos con nosotras.  580 more words


Weeding Out Unwanted Guests

We longed for sun… she smiled on us.

We craved warmth… he cradled us.

We prayed for spring… she came.

But who invited the bloody weeds?! 552 more words


Emily empanandas (Pinterest inspired)

I combined two recipes to make these empanadas, and I am really happy with how they turned out. Sorry there isn’t much of a story here. 485 more words

Cooking And Baking

Tune Of The Day

Europa by GODDESS Monica Naranjo

Grandes al fin tu y yo.


Polite, gentle, or graceful. Old French “gentil”=gentle < Latin “gentilis”=of the same race < “gens”=race or family.


A gringo dancing familiarity

so i went to hang with classmates,
and i ended up reacquainting myself
with the past that died.
i was exposed to latin culture,
something of which i’ve not… 47 more words