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Diamela Eltit: escribir bajo Pinochet

Diamela Eltit opened this term’s Latin American History Seminar series by discussing her life as a writer under the Pinochet dictatorship, which ruled Chile from 1973 to 1990. 1,105 more words

Latin American Literature

Pedro Lemebel: farewell to a queer icon

By Kate Averis //

On Saturday 24 January, Chile bid farewell to one of its greatest literary, cultural and iconic figures, Pedro Lemebel, who passed away in the small hours of Friday 23 January. 1,956 more words


"Henri Simon Leprince" - Roberto Bolaño

The events recounted here took place in France shortly before, during, and shortly after World War II. The protagonist–whose name, Leprince, is oddly appropriate, although he is quite the opposite of a prince (middle class, well educated, respectable friends, but downwardly mobile and short of money)–is a writer. 2,032 more words

Camouflaged Courage

Read my take and thoughts on Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “Clandestine in Chile”- here is my first collaboration for The Wild Detectives: http://www.thewilddetectives.com/2015/01/camouflaged-courage/

I highly recommend this book that narrates a crucial time in Chile’s history and the people that sought change.

Rosario Castellanos

Distancia del amigo en voz alta

Distancia del amigo

En una tierra antigua de olivos y cipreses

ha fechado mi amigo su más reciente carta. 272 more words


The Merchant from Overseas: Melquíades and the Dust That Was Macondo

With the use of magical realism, a genre evident in most Latin American works of fiction where incidents considered as mystical mix together with the regular activities done by the characters (Roy 1), Gabriel García Márquez presents in his novel… 1,282 more words


Threads of Events: Weaving through the Narrations of Manuel Puig’s "Kiss of the Spider Woman"

Considered as one of Argentine writer Manuel Puig’s finest works, El beso de la mujer araña was published in 1976. Originally written in Spanish, it is a story of how the sensitive yet endearing Luis Alberto Molina encounters the valiant revolutionary Valentin Arregui Paz while sharing a cell in the Penitentiary of the City of Buenos Aires. 1,320 more words