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A tale by Eduardo Galeano

On beforetimes, Don Verídico sowed houses and folks around El Resorte tavern, so the tavern wouldn’t feel lonely. This tale happened, they say, on the village born by him. 325 more words


In The Beginning Was The Sea by Tomas Gonzalez

There is an ominous, and delicious, aura of fear right from the start of this novel. You can instantly sense that things are going to go wrong, you just don’t know when, much like the feeling you get when watching an Alfred Hitchcock film. 409 more words

Latin American Literature


DE: La Habana del Centro (buletín electrónico de la Revista Extramuros) Año II Número 2 (Feb/2015)


por Josefina de Diego… 3,111 more words


Diamela Eltit: escribir bajo Pinochet

Diamela Eltit opened this term’s Latin American History Seminar series by discussing her life as a writer under the Pinochet dictatorship, which ruled Chile from 1973 to 1990. 1,105 more words

Latin American Literature

Pedro Lemebel: farewell to a queer icon

By Kate Averis //

On Saturday 24 January, Chile bid farewell to one of its greatest literary, cultural and iconic figures, Pedro Lemebel, who passed away in the small hours of Friday 23 January. 1,956 more words


"Henri Simon Leprince" - Roberto Bolaño

The events recounted here took place in France shortly before, during, and shortly after World War II. The protagonist–whose name, Leprince, is oddly appropriate, although he is quite the opposite of a prince (middle class, well educated, respectable friends, but downwardly mobile and short of money)–is a writer. 2,032 more words

Camouflaged Courage

Read my take and thoughts on Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “Clandestine in Chile”- here is my first collaboration for The Wild Detectives: http://www.thewilddetectives.com/2015/01/camouflaged-courage/

I highly recommend this book that narrates a crucial time in Chile’s history and the people that sought change.