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BBQ'n With Black Folks

Black folks ain’t never on time like OMG. We can say hey I’m getting dressed now and be on my way but in black terms that just means give me like 2/3 hours and I’ll be there. 120 more words

Things Everyone Needs To Know How To Do

There are those quintessential skills that we can all agree every human should have, including wilderness and survival skills. However, in this day and age, there are another set of skills we should acquire in addition to basic survival skills. 516 more words


Same house, different time zones

My loving husband came into the living room as we were getting ready for church Sunday morning. He had a shirt draped over his arm, which he held up for me to inspect. 632 more words


Down near  out of waiting, or out of lord’s luck

Down on their seaside outlook bench

Grown  men  searching

Aim down for sombre storming

Strict on the straight sea… 21 more words


Late Night Break Through


I’m not totally sure how this all works…

It’s my first time posting anything, and well, who knows? Maybe it’ll be my last.

But, I decided to write something. 474 more words


No regrets

I have recently purchased round-trip tickets to the Philippines. They were expensive as hell!

But I have no regrets. It will all be totally worth it! 103 more words


8.15 ~ tonight~ unwrapping the lace ~

pulling on strings
finding the flowers
and a few other things….





April 24 late. diary. on my way to the bins with the trash ~ didn’t expect to see the sun just then ~ the sky had got so cloudy ~ what a surprise ~ (went back for the camera!) Gill McGrath©