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No Couch Potato

Not all girls are created equal. Netflix and pizza can stay the hell away from this one.

These two items have been made into all sorts of praising memes as something girls “can’t live without”? 99 more words


Midnight Girl

Trying new things, testing my skills… I’m starting to think that my hands and my brain didn’t know each other all these years. I think they’ve finally met.


New found time

so I haven’t blogged or written on this for about a year now, I lost the point to even have a WordPress. I started this to open up my mind and organize my thoughts with my words not onto collect feedback and new ideas from readers but to put my way of thinking and ideas onto others. 59 more words

Dear Daniele,

1. You can’t fix everything
2. Just be there for people
3. Life goes on
4.¬†People aren’t always doing things to you, they are just doing them… 170 more words


Hemlock Grove: Season 1

Well! I feel like I’ll forever be waiting for Orange Is the New Black and Bates Motel to come back. I had to find some shows to watch. 125 more words


Portrait On Plate

I did something different the other day; I drew my nephew. He’s four years old and this looks like a teenager. ha ha. But it’s my first non-iPad drawing and, aside from the age, I think it came out okay. 27 more words