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Day 5: Odessa

Alas, I didn’t get to work on Eternal Camping on Friday. I could give you excuses: I had too many errands to run in the morning then I had a flight to San Antonio but they are just excuses. 390 more words



Joe and Dugan travelled through Amarillo, and Houston. They are waiting to be dispatched out of Laredo, Texas, which is right on the Mexican border. Cell phone signal down around that area sucks. 608 more words


Day 4: Laredo

You know when you dedicate yourself to a project that there are going to just be days when you don’t want to work on it. Today was such a day. 413 more words


Another day in the twilight zone!!

I was driving down I-35 south from Austin to Laredo at 1:00 a.m. the posted speed limit is 65 mph. The stretch is pretty boring and the traffic is bare minimal. 233 more words