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Lap Dance - Part 5

I bathed and dressed in a summer dress with no panties and bra, because why bother in this house of sex?

I decide I need to find out what Josh got me into. 531 more words


Lap Dance - Part 4

The room was very specious. No windows though. I guess this is part of the low profile thing. I was never claustrophobic, but having only a one way out of this room was not making me feel safe. 505 more words


Lap Dance - Part 3

“Do you normally get into cars with random guys you don’t even know their name?” The stranger looked at me sideways from the driver’s seat as we drove to who knows where in a well maintained beautiful Jaguar I have ever seen. 497 more words


Lap Dance - Part 2

“So, what surprises do you intend conjure up today?”

I jumped from my seat in front of my mirror in the dressing room. “God, you scared the shit out of me!” I yelled as I turned to the door to my left. 560 more words


Lap Dance - Part 1

He showed up today as well.

I wanted to think it had something to do with the steamy hot lap-dance I gave him the last time he walked into “Diggers”, but I knew guys like him. 387 more words



Not gonna lie friends…we’re busier than a fruit stand when Gallagher is in town. So the frequency of the articles isn’t what we’d like it to be right now. 487 more words


Want To Enter A Modern Art Lap Dance Competition At This Local Theater?

PianoFight SF isn’t your typical theater.

Respected locally and known primarily for hosting comedy gigs and local musicians, this April they’re expanding their repertoire in an unexpected way — and you can participate. 204 more words