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Hudson Mohawke - Lantern (Album Review)

It’s refreshing when anyone in Dance music does something that genuinely stands out amongst the many many DJs and Producers out there. Jamie XX’s fantastic debut immediately comes to mind as well as the more club-ready songs of Jack U’s debut; both these records stand as some of the best Dance albums of the year so far based on the fact that in a genre so overly saturated with bland inanity they managed to retain some originality. 553 more words


Deal 321: Fishspeared.

Given what we knew, the farm was well guarded. We had a fence line on shore, and a buoy line off shore, both well back from the pens. 207 more words

Daily Deal


A night of laughter, fireworks, and cheap beer (the american way) :)


Still Life | The comfort zone.

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Still Life