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De Colores: What Do Colors Mean To Me

Red Gold Green

The monochromatic theme
Red – Yellow – Blue : Primary Colors 287 more words


How to Flirt In Brazilian Portuguese

How to court a lover in Portuguese:

Você quer ligar? Learn how to write a loving letter to someone in Brazilian Portuguese 133 more words


A little news...

Bonjour à tous!

Today’s blog is more news than advice on language learning. Sorry if you’re uninterested in my personal life but I just have to share this with you, I’m far too excited not to! 695 more words


Lithuanian months and their etymology

Today’s blog post will be about Lithuanian, more precisely about the etymology and the meaning of the words for months. Like many of the neighboring Slavonic languages, Lithuanian, a Baltic language, does not use the Latin names for the months, but its own, more ancient names for the months, which are based on the seasons and agricultural activities (just like the Slavonic months). 356 more words

Worldwise Calendar 2015 featured in Japanese Newspaper!


The Worldwise Learning Centre was featured in the 41st issue (31st Jan) of the Kitakuni Newspaper of Japan.
UCLan student, Marina Nesterova took a photo of ‘Senmaida’ whilst visiting Yushima City, during her year abroad. 220 more words

2015 Update to Chloebentley's Blog

To all my friends and family, I am blessed to be blogging in my sixth decade. I still have so much more I want to do, even though what I do right now is enough activity for at least six people. 226 more words