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What must I pay attention to?

Apparently, having a baby takes up a lot of time–both because it requires so much attention (feeding, changing, comforting, lulling to sleep), and because it attracts so much of it. 419 more words



CAUTION: This is not fashion related +++

An acquaintance of mine, is an educator, and one of his apparent pet peeves is grammar… funny enough so it’s mine; however I think it’s important to know when to get hang up on something and when to let it go (I am reflecting as I write this as I am clearly ticked off!). 304 more words


Being Brave!

Mrs Thieme read us a beautiful story called Anzac Ted.

Then we had a chat about the Anzac ceremony and how we remembered the courageous soldiers. 275 more words


13 Anglo-Saxon names you still hear

The Anglo-Saxons have had a strong influence on our modern society, even if we don’t realize it. The English language, in particular, has strong ties with the language of Anglo-Saxons, including personal names. 1,561 more words


Visual Communication

Artist: Ben Quilty (Australian War Artist)

The painter has the power

Over a blank canvas

An intimate relationship


The sensitive embodiment

Of the sitter… 17 more words


The public naming of politicians

It’s British election time and the air is buzzing with politicians’ names. You can learn a lot about the natural rhythms of the English language when you look at the names and nicknames that settle gently around the shoulders of our politicians. 1,148 more words

Sing Better English

BLOG: New 'Phrasebook' Section

 I’ve decided to add a new section – ‘Phrasebook’ – just a collection of words that I have learnt over the course of my travels/life.