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  • ability to search multiple databases from the same website
  • ability to make specific and detailed searches
  • ability to view a variety of  research source types: primary sources, secondary sources, dictionary entries, and encyclopedia entries…
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Forming in Chaos

If we didn’t exist so much in language,

I swear I would love you better.

I wouldn’t get stuck in words a-coming and a-going.

Wouldn’t resort to charmed terms and gestures. 115 more words


Word of the day

Rafty – damp and cold; bleak;  musty.


Nothing Was The Same

One small thing can really change everything. It is a problem in every society, every social group, between friendships, relationship, everything. It is a fixable problem, no tools needed,no instruction manual, just an agreement between you and whoever else it may include. 391 more words


Gambold is the Shakespearean Word of the Day (07/01/15)

Gambold (n.)

Gambold means frolic, entertainment, pastime. Gambold was cited in Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew (TS Introduction.ii.136). Duke Senior says to Orlando, about his father: “mine eye doth his effigies witness. 47 more words


Better than words

Much braying about the moral health of the country has gone firing across the social corral in the last week.

From all sides fly cries of victory and defeat, right and wrong, absolutes bellowed with such finality it is a wonder the federal dawn of legal same-sex marriage did not bring with it the apocalypse. 456 more words


A Rainbow, a Pig or Mum!

We got to choose what we wrote about. We could choose between writing about rainbows, pigs or mum!

A rainbow is a colourful thing. I want a rainbow ice cream.We got rained on. 391 more words