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How it's made: A BuzzFeed investigation

According to Alex Campbell, investigative reporter for BuzzFeed, a failed idea might just lead to your next great success. 700 more words

Paige Blankenbuehler

Experiment in action

The experiment is working: An inside look at the BuzzFeed investigative team 742 more words

University Of Missouri

Inspiration to go international

There was a woman sitting behind me. Austere. Dark. Dressed in tribal African clothing. She immediately struck me — not as misplaced — but as exotic. 700 more words

A pitch for a new rhetoric: Is BuzzFeed a solution?

This is an article written for my linguistic class at the University of Missouri. Jack Fuller, a former editor of the Chicago Tribune has said journalists are leaving their audiences behind as they continue onto their quest for entertainment and information on the internet. 1,645 more words