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Pronunciation as a Measure of Fluency

Among many people who learn languages, some are very committed to being faithful to the way a language is supposed to sound. They dedicate themselves to learning idiomatic expressions, learning the most natural way to say things, and also learning to pronounce things correctly. 315 more words

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Rules Lesson 1


فاطمة مصريّة
(مصر + يّ + ة)

فاطمة ماليزيّة
(ماليزيا + يّ + ة)

محمد مصريّ
(مصر + يّ)

محمد ماليزيّ
(ماليزيا + يّ)


The Language Project

Before I start, I would like to point out that even though I have spellcheck on, I spent at least 10 minutes not believing that language was spelled right. 691 more words

Language Learning

The practice continues

もしもし, everyone!

Almost finished with the book Remembering the Kana by James Heisig

From then on, I will learn the Katakana, followed by focusing more on the conversational aspect, before learning the Kanji symbols. 178 more words


'How many languages do you speak?'

‘How many languages do you speak?’ This is a question that I often get asked, usually by someone whom I’ve just met and who realises that I can speak more than two or three languages. 1,103 more words

Language Learning

New Favorite App: HelloTalk

I don’t know why I wasn’t using this app before – it’s awesome! I heard about it through a friend who is developing his own language-learning app. 172 more words

Language Learning

Seven stages of learning

Stage 1: The opportunity

At first, you’re excited. Something shiny and new! You’ve always wanted to learn this new thing, a language perhaps, and whether through planning or circumstance, you finally have your chance. 830 more words