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Patting yourself on the back: noticing language-learning milestones

During the long haul of language study, it’s common sense that celebrating your successes en route can help keep you motivated.

When I’m just starting a language, this is pretty obvious: I notice my reading comprehension has gone up simply because I can recognize more words, or connect phrases into a sentence, even if I can’t parse much more than that: oh, this article is about a car accident or the stock market or the weather in Berlin. 639 more words

Language Learning

5 Times You Realize You’re Not Really Fluent in a Foreign Language

You could end up with a diploma or certificate of fluency in a foreign language, only to visit a country where the language is spoken and realize that you’re only… 582 more words



Grammaropolis is a site made for younger learners and their teachers, but if you want to brush up on your basic grammar, this is one place to do it. 209 more words

Language Learning

learning swedish with daniel tiger

my new top show is daniel tigers kvarter

“vilken underbar dag i vårt kvarter. en underbar dag för vänner. i daniel tigers kvarter!” / “what a wonderful day in our neighborhood. 461 more words

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Deconstruct a French Word: Gonflé

Gonflé | “gon-flay” |  adj.: blown up, inflated; to have a lot of nerve

Literally, gonflé means inflated, like a balloon. Used in an argot… 138 more words


Increasing Students' Oral Proficiency

My goal is to increase my students’ ability to speak French. There are many teachers who are successfully implementing ACTFL’s Integrated Performance Assessments instead of using the textbook-made quizzes and tests. 560 more words


In order to write this post I needed to be born.

So I study Japanese. Recently, in reviewing various bits and pieces with my teacher, we did ために (tame ni) which translates as “in order to.” You can look at the title for an example. 212 more words