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My Kahoots

Kahoot:  review, practice, quizzing?

4.  In Spanish 3, 4, 5, AP Lang, for several months we have been narrating original stories using picture prompts I have found on PInterest,, legends or fables.   138 more words


Deconstruct a French Word: Époustouflant

Époustouflant | “eh-poo-stoo-flawn” |  adj.: astonishing; astounding; mind-blowing

After five years learning French, I had never really heard the word époustouflant. When I did, though, I started reading it and hearing it everywhere. 114 more words



You’d think that having a blog might remind me to keep up with what I write.
Unfortunately, even though I had my second post all typed up the other day, it slipped my mind that it was on copy. 1,057 more words


French to the French, explained in English

Writing this post as I listen to César Franck’s ‘Symphonic Variations’, details of my experience of Skyping my French correspondent for the first time this morning are resurfacing. 527 more words

Amateur Writing

Giving your opinion in French

Some chunks of language are more useful than the others, in the same way as chunks (expressions, constructions) are more useful than isolated words for communication. 292 more words

Language Learning

The Italian Connection

I have added Italian to my growing list of modern languages, four in all.

Learning four languages at once might sound impossible, but I do most of the studying through listening and repeating as opposed to attempting to memorise long lists of vocabulary or complex points of grammar.  35 more words