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Foreign investors double their money on the back of PNG minerals - but nothing for landowners or government revenues

Why is PNG and its people always the last to benefit from its own resources?

Could it be because we are blindly following a model of development that is being imposed from outside by those who take all the profits? 379 more words

Papua New Guinea

St Barbara in dispute with landowners at Simberi mine

Gold mine strife with landowners

Manuel Sialis | PNG Loop

Simberi Gold company mining operations are at risk after landowners at the New Ireland mining camp placed “gorgor” plants at the pits. 185 more words

Papua New Guinea

Fiji landowners miss out on promised mining benefits

Fiji landowners want promised mine royalties

Radio New Zealand

A petition will be presented to the Fiji government next month by landowners in the Northern Division who say they have not received any royalties from a bauxite mine they consented to in 2011. 151 more words

Human Rights

The Momis Mining Act: When land defense equals the assault of a child

The Momis Mining Act is an undemocratic attack on constitutional and common law rights

Dansi Oearupeu | Imipono Projects

Bougainville’s new Mining Act strips citizens of basic constitutional and common law rights. 994 more words

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UN told of mining industry human rights violations in Pacific region

Pacific people experiencing cultural genocide at the hands of the extractive industries

Call for UN Investigation into mechanisms to hold businesses, multi-nationals and extractive industries accountable for not only human rights violations but also criminal acts in Indigenous lands and against Indigenous Peoples… 1,109 more words

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PNG people pay for profits of European companies feeding off experimental seabed mining plans

Experimental seabed mining is not due to begin in PNG until 2018 but already the poverty stricken people of PNG, who lack access to even clean drinking water or basic sanitation, are seeing their taxes pay for the profits of companies in wealthy European countries… 1,585 more words

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