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Tiny Scarlet Hooves And Jaws

A meek, pre-adolescent sheep
Is bleating on the porch. I sleep
Uncomfortably, waking often,
Dreaming of a lion’s coffin.
Just a metaphor? We’ll see.
This March can’t end too soon for me.


How to make the most of a whole shoulder of lamb?

It is Easter week and I have been busy baking sweets in anticipation of a Good Friday gathering ( I am in charge of desserts). Craving for anything savoury and looking for inspiration for a lamb dinner, I came across this post, pre-blog, which brought me back to our… 907 more words

Main Courses

Glorious lamb — what's on your Easter table?

I have lamb, spring and Easter on my mind, so I thought I’d reshare a post from two springs ago, when I wrote about lamb four ways for NPR’s Kitchen Window. 490 more words

Good Eats

We had a little lamb...

Whenever I tell people that my friend and I cook together almost every Sunday, they inevitably ask, “What do you cook?” Well, that’s a tough question, because the answer is “Everything and anything that sounds good on that day.” Sometimes we are adventurous, starting on a Saturday for something that needs to be marinated or brined, but other days we do whatever is both fast and delicious. 549 more words

This Baby Lamb Has The Face Of A Creepy Old Man!

This baby lamb born in Russia has the face of a creepy old man… (awh, poor thing)

The little guy was set to face the chop before photos of him went viral, and the circus bid high dollars to buy him! 96 more words


Lamb In Dill / Lam I Dild

A traditional Danish lamb stew found on familiejournal.dk

Another classic lamb variations, from Denmark this time. A traditional lamb stew served with potatoes.

Recipe in English… 7 more words

Slow Cooked Mediterranean Lamb

There’s been a bit of a chill in the air these past few mornings, so I decided it was high time I dug the slow cooker and put it to use. 265 more words