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Wavves x Cloud Nothings ---> "No Life for Me" Review

“There’s something wrong creeping into your life.”

In twenty-two minutes, No Life for Me examines the split personality of contemporary culture.  The album evokes a paranoia that something bad is about to happen mixed with a fond nostalgia for simpler times and a “don’t give a fuck” attitude about the present.   244 more words

Native Children Are Facing A 'National Emergency.' Now Congress Is Pushing To Address It.

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Robert Looks Twice grew up in a trailer with his grandmother, uncle and eight cousins on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. 1,409 more words

Native American

When the Rainbow Family comes to the Black Hills, some will be more equal than others

When the Rainbow Family comes to the Black Hills, some will be more equal than others

 To the people of South Dakota:

All United States Citizens are supposed to be equal under the law. 4,790 more words

Black Hills

THIS Is What The Mauna Kea Protectors Are About

There’s a lot of misinformation and ignorant talking points out there about what’s going on at Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Although what follows is not the only issue at stake, I believe it is the central one that diffuses the notion that this is about the resurrection of a religion vs. 525 more words

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Lakota Indian Prayer

“In my youth I respected the world and life, I needed not anything but peace of heart;
And yet I changed despite myself and believed in Iktumi’s lies. 206 more words


What do you do all summer at St. Joseph’s?

It is a universal understanding that people who work at schools should get the summers off. Well I am here to tell you this is a myth! 676 more words


I'm not your tamed Indian

With all this uproar about the Rainbow Family coming to the Black Hills, I made a startling discovery.

In the aftermath of my last blogpost… 749 more words