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Sitting Bull's Wisdom

Si vous ne faites que vous alimenter  

avec des pensées négatives, et bien, comme vous le souhaitez.

Les pensées sont puissantes, alors utilisez les à votre avantage. 21 more words


Helping a Family to Get a New Home

It was a pleasure for Freddy Little Massi Calling Corp and us to bring this family this opportunity. We in turn now say a special thanks to all our supporters for making this possible. 51 more words

IN MEMORIAM: The Sioux at Wounded Knee 1890

IN MEMORIAM: The Sioux at Wounded Knee 1890

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins – Greg_L-W.

The Sioux at Wounded Knee 29-Dec-1890… 1,144 more words

UPDATED - :) :) :) Bamboo Water: Kent Nerburn's book, Neither Wolf Nor Dog has reached its required budget and will be filmed!!!

UPDATE: Bamboo-Water says :

– I just received this update from Steven Simpson:

Project Update #5: Amazing! Thanks so much.

Only four hours to go but we’re over the line with a little extra in the kitty. 287 more words


Bamboo-Water takes time to share about his love for Kent Nerburn's, book, Neither Wolf Nor Dog

I have always had deep respect for the words and lifestyles of all of the indigenous peoples across Mother Earth.  But since

I live on Turtle Island, I have always had a special feeling towards those who live on Turtle Island.   322 more words


Kent Nerburn - Neither Wolf Nor Dog (excerpt)

I hope as a species we soon will have raised our consciousness enough to become aware of the importance of understanding the indigenous wisdom. Here is Kent Nerburn’s heartfelt introduction to the story called Neither Wolf Nor Dog, which among other things shows how the cabal has left the indigenous people as neither a wolf nor a dog — exactly what they are now attempting to do to everyone on the planet as the remove our many different cultures  — even bombing them into nothingness — and immerse us in little more than a culture of fear.   1,511 more words

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