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Sexy Warm Weather Trends That Need to STOP!

It is getting warm in Baltimore and the bellies are out! Lots of bellies! Even bellies that shouldn’t ever see sunlight.

Tell me about that sexy warm weather trend that needs to stop: 176 more words

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Which Team Are You On? Team Single Chicks or Team Married Chicks

Actress Keke Palmer caught some heat for saying that she “wanted to marry that man” about actress Tia Mowry’s husband Cory. Cory is her co-star in her new film. 307 more words

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Sex Advice You Wish You Had in Your 20s

Bedroom Confessional: What sex advice would you give your 20 year old self?

  • Stop being a player and get serious … she is the one…
  • 192 more words
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Should Mom Always Get Custody of the Kids?

Should the kids go to mom automatically after a split?

  • No…but the courts work in favor of women…
  • Dads are rolling stones & today moms are too!
  • 164 more words
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Morality Police: Daughter's Dream Guy Flirts with Mom ... Tell?

Morality Police: Mom works for the post office and has been fighting off the flirts of a young business owner on her route. Daughter brings new boyfriend home that she thinks is the “one.” It is the guy! 288 more words

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7 Tips to Love ... Where You Are Now

Sunday was all about powering up with great tips on finding love right where you are today! All love discussions should not be about romantic love; it is important to get our self-love game right too. 28 more words

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