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I'm not feeling inspired (What goes through my head)

A poem I wrote during one of my 40 minutes of english class time slots that my teacher allocates to Spoken Word Poetry and to attempting to get us young ones to become poets. 281 more words


A Bit Boring ........... Day 17 of 100

I’m sorry, but today’s post is a bit boring.

I’m busier than a one-armed paper-hanger and time is flying along, completely out of control.

Plus ……… I’m struggling today.   63 more words

Catching Inspiration

A lot of artists I look at with respect (writers and otherwise) have a problem with ‘waiting for inspiration’ and I get it, I do, but there’s a distinction I (sometimes) think is important to that doesn’t get talked about a whole lot. 499 more words

Streams Of Thought

It's All Been Done

I have had a severe lack of inspiration here lately. It appears as though I have written about everything already. I’ve had this blog close to 3 years now. 113 more words



In the dark tired hour

Everything falls away, faint

From effort of thought.

Day’s good, bad, moments hollow–

Like a reed with no song left. 59 more words


33/365: Never Let Me Go

This poem is a product of midnight angst and lack of ideas. I was laying in bed when my eyes fell upon a book I need to finish reading:  196 more words


Ennui *sigh*

I’ve been struggling the last few days to be inspired. Yes, I know, this is something that writers often feel the need to whinge about, thus boring the hell out of their audience as well. 441 more words