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that awkward moment when you forget what century we’re in

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Laci Green

Week in Review: March 15-21

Welcome to the weekly post on jess & her french press. This is where I share with you interesting and informative articles, videos and information that has been brought to my attention in the last week. 69 more words

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Worst Feminists of 2014

Feminists say some pretty funny things, and it can be very hard to rate which ones were the worst in any given year. I can honestly say though, that the feminist in the #1 spot is most certainly deserving of being declared the worst feminist of 2014. 92 more words


Your View of Disney is Flawed (A response to Laci Green)

I’ve avoided making responses to Laci for some time, even when I have had issues with some of the things that she has said and done.  1,122 more words


The Controversial Issue of Dress Codes

By Amy Bronzwaig

Each year more and more schools decide to add some form of a dress code. There are a couple different reasons why school districts claim that a school needs to have a dress code. 679 more words


Response: How Disney Stereotypes Hurt Men

On Thursday, Laci Green and MTV put out a video called How Disney Stereotypes Hurt Men. Unsurprisingly Mel and I had a lot of thoughts and decided to write a response. 4,462 more words


VIDEO: Should White People Rap?

“Last month, Azealia Banks called out Iggy Azalea’s Grammy nomination, saying the Grammys favored white artists. While Iggy brushed it off, Banks’s comment comes in a long line of frustrations over the commercialization of hip hop and black culture appropriation. 32 more words

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