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I'm a feminist...

Laci just said everything. Please understand that it’s not about hate, it’s about stopping hatred towards man and women. Please world, we need this change. 10 more words


My Reaction To #FeminismIsAwful Trending On Twitter

Yesterday, I was absolutely disgusted when I  discovered that #FeminismIsAwful was trending on Twitter.  That’s right, #FeminismIsAwful was trending on Twitter.

Now, I’ll be honest, when I was in high school, my understanding of feminism was anything but accurate.   862 more words


It's more than "just a joke"

First of all, apologies for being away for so long. Final year is tough and hopefully, I will update more routinely once the exams are over. 351 more words


Media Example 1

This is from a while ago, and I’m reposting it here from Twitter. This is different look at feminism in horror films, more of a cultural studies view than a psychoanalytic. 13 more words

Media Example

LIVE from New York... It's Rape Culture!

Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing YouTube star Laci Green talk about taking down rape culture. She was educational and eloquent and all around excellent. 795 more words

Why Laci Green Is Dangerous As A Sex Education Activist

Oh hi babes!

Laci Green is dangerous to your sexual health and well being.

1.  She ignores the health benefits of circumcision.  If you are ok with Angelina Jolie and her mastectomies, you should be ok with… 706 more words


Waning nausea, blog aversion and fighting shitty sex ed.

I have a confession to make: I’ve been avoiding this blog.

In fact, I’ve been avoiding WordPress altogether. Why? Because thinking of the blog makes me think of the fact that I’m pregnant, which reminds me of the nausea, which calls attention to how I’m feeling… 1,508 more words