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I am the most senior person in the library

“I am the most senior person in the library”

At least that is what my drunken colleague told me.


We weren’t in a library. … 193 more words


Sampling roadkill for DNA

I know a lot of biologists who have lists related to their work: lists of birds they have seen, lists of journals they want to publish in, lists of top wildlife spectacles they want to see, lists of species they have studied, lists of their favourite fieldwork sites. 1,190 more words


Results (XVII)

Extract from Mr Scowcroft’s report:

There is a pronounced culture of researchers, especially early-stage researchers — postdocs and postgrads — working what would be considered in any sector to be extremely long hours.

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There's not a lot that I know any more, but I know when a good bridge is burning

I’ve been absent. I’d love to say that this time has been spent on some rewarding creative project but, y’know, it hasn’t.

I found myself dreaming last night about performing an upcoming experiment, but the cells got infected and it all went wrong…it’s really a bad sign when you think about your research so much that you are dreaming about bacteria interloping in your experiments…but in all honesty, it could be a premonition! 273 more words

Mental Health / Eating Disorder Recovery

it feels like the air has shivered

Heather nova is making a new album and I got to hear the first single today from pledge music. The song itself may not be her best but the following lyrics ressonated with me. 185 more words


Research update: March 2015

Could it be? Has spring finally sprung in Chicago? In the beginning of March it seemed like winter might hang on forever, but as the month went on, the weather started to turn and there are now even a few little flowers in bloom around Chicago. 517 more words

Da Results Are Here

Meowllo evewypawdy and happy Caturday. Well weez didn’t get any visitin’ dun yesfurday, and may not get much dun today eevew. And nope it wusn’t cuz we wuz out stwollin’ eevew. 543 more words