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carpal tunnel syndrome

Have you ever bought a book but could not read it for some time? Left it on the shelf until the day it has to be read. 1,197 more words

The Dangers of Imbalance

Muscles and bones are both vital in support and movement. Muscles work with antagonistic muscles, and the skeleton for movement and protection. The muscles constantly provide tension around the skeleton, in the optimal degree for balance and movement at that moment. 414 more words


Curve Reversal

I saw this term the other day doing chart  reviews….When looked at from the side, and you’re looking at someone who is sitting up straight, the spine should look like a backwards ‘S.’  In order to attain this shape, the spine naturally has some… 246 more words


The Lower Back Conundrum

It’s one of the most common instructions you’ll hear in the average yoga class. “Protect your lower back.” “Don’t jam into your lower spine.” “Look after your lumbars.” 557 more words