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Some military personnel question hardship and risk allowances on Operation Impact

Defence Watch was contacted by some personnel taking part in Operation Impact, the mission against ISIL in Iraq and Syria. They didn’t feel it was right that RCAF maintenance/support personnel at the Kuwait base were receiving the same hardship and risk allowances as the pilots/aircrew from the CF-18s, Aurora and refueling aircraft (the argument being that such aircrew run a greater risk of potentially ending up in the hands of ISIL, similar to what happened to the Jordanian pilot whose aircraft crashed). 331 more words

Defence Watch

AdventureMan Wept

Long ago, and far away, in the exotic Kuwait City, I started this blog, holy smokes, almost nine years ago in September. I met so many wonderful people, some of whom I’ve even become friends with in person. 417 more words

ExPat Life

Losing count 

Ah what a great few days it’s been! Work has been busy, the gym has been awesome, the tan is coming along nicely and my cat castration ability is being perfected! 233 more words



Kuwait follows the “civil law system” modeled after the French legal system, Kuwait’s legal system is largely secular. Sharia law governs only family law for Muslim residents, non-Muslims in Kuwait have a secular family law. 88 more words


America's Multinational Ramadan Assault

July 1, 2015 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – It is not hard to fathom who on Earth possesses both the resources and the motivation to coordinate multiple, horrific militant attacks, ending scores of lives and provoking both fear and anger on a global scale such as seen during the recent Ramadan attacks that unfolded in France, Tunisia, Kuwait, and reportedly in China’s western Xinjiang region. 970 more words

War On Syria

girls & the pantiles

One of the things I love about being at my brother and his family’s Surrey home is the immediate burst of inspiration I get. From the ever-changing landscape to the three overgrown greenhouses in the wooded area, my heart always swells with excitement!  222 more words


Inedible dates

08.08.14: I convinced my husband to take me to the beach for a walk on a Friday morning… he agreed reluctantly with a condition that it will be only for half an hour & if it is very hot we will leave. 458 more words