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Learning Activity 06 - Color Theory

Question 1


A color stystem mainly used for printed design and design ment for printing. It’s based on the combinations of cyan, magenta, yellow and black to make as many different colors as possible, yet it can’t produce as many colors as the RGB system. 176 more words

Learning Activity

Typography Project

Before beginning my typography design, it’s important to first choose a phrase to actually design, as well as a color scheme. The verses I chose were some lyrics from one of my favorite songs–“Breezeblocks,” written by Δ ( 157 more words

Digital Art & Design 1

How to learn about color the easy way!

There are a ton of artists out there who are overwhelmed when they try to learn about color. What does Analogous, complimentary, Triad, Monochromatic, Compound color scheme mean? 238 more words


Color Grab, a Kuler Alternative

I wanted to share with you a very cool Android app that I’ve just discovered. I went looking for the Kuler application for my new Android smart phone. 358 more words

Graphic Design