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Karma Plate: New Articles



The two links above are for Karma Plate – a website on Positivity, Buddhism, and Meditation that I have been writing for for the past two weeks. Hope you like them!


Finding Kuan Yin

My first day in Hong Kong was spent trying to get to a temple where I could learn to pray with Buddhist monks.  I realize that this isn’t usually what people do when they arrive at  one of the worlds most prolific shopping Mecca’s – but nothing in the world could have convinced me that shopping was a better idea than praying while my whole being was adjusting from living on a farm to being in the world’s most populated urban center. 3,047 more words


People dressed in plastic bags directing traffic

Stu and I had the talk I knew had to come eventually. I didn’t expect him to be the one to instigate it, though.

It comes down to what I’ve known for a while now: It’s not going to happen for us. 550 more words

Kuan Yin: el arquetipo que da nombre a nuestra escuela

El nombre de la escuela de tao yin en la que nos hemos formado lleva el nombre del arquetipo femenino Kuan Yin. “Tao yin” significa “canalizar energía”, mientras que “Kuan Yin” en nuestro nombre hace referencia a los atributos de este arquetipo relacionados con la luz y el sonido. 575 more words

Tao Yin

The Kuan Yin Oracle Deck: A Review

The Kuan Yin oracle deck by Alana Fairchild with art by Chinese painter Zeng Hao caught my attention as soon as it came out on the market. 1,539 more words


Herbs and...uh, nope. Just herbs. Nothing to see here.

Turn me loose at the garden shop and this is what happens.

I went nuts in the herbs, which is about normal for me. To the marjoram and thyme I already have in, I added parsley, sage, basil, dill, chive, oregano, and rosemary. 1,481 more words

Happy birthday to Kuan Yin, Buddha and me ;)

I was going to make separate posts but i end up not to.

Yesterday i celebrated Kuan Yin/Avalokiteshvara’s birthday. I wrote it myself, the ritual, like i always do, using a kinda of generic structure. 239 more words