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it’s complete for now. i finally printed two images to represent Kuan Yin and Goddess Tara (she’s also considered a Bodhisattva but i’m supposed to focus on Her goddess aspect). 252 more words


There are times when I know I’ll be journeying. I go to sleep with a sense of work to be done, of wondering who’ll be waiting on the other side of whatever door appears. 1,244 more words

21 days of meditation - day twenty-one (final)

yes, yesterday was the last day of this challenge. the theme for the day was to remember us once more that meditation is not a thing to do but a thing that… 265 more words

let's do some devotional jewelry (or try)!

i love devotional jewelry as i love devotional art. what can i say, i just love art of any kind.

i’ve been wanting a buddhist prayer bead for some time now so i can chant the mantra 108 times (let’s see if i can do this) or at least so i could know the exact number of times i’ve chanted. 266 more words

Deity, Gender and the Problems of Essentialism

Before I post about the individual deities that I work with, I want to write a little about the problematic area of deity and gender. As explained in my previous post, I view personified deity as aspects of nature and the cosmos. 1,015 more words