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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’ve been so burned out with work lately I decided to take a quick weekend trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for some relaxation. Kuala Lumpur is the capital and most populous city in Malaysia. 196 more words


Malaysian Street Food: Chilli pan mee (dry minced pork chilli noodles)

Pan mee is a dish of Chinese –Malay heritage, a product of the Chinese immigrants from the Hakka clan. In terms of Malaysia, it’s something you’ll (generally) find in Kuala Lumpur & the south, but not in Penang and the north. 308 more words


KLR - Kuala Lumpur Rules!

While we continue our journey, I am always rating cities to determine my favourite places. I include a variety of factors which contribute to the overall rating: appearance of the city and its surrounding area, ease of u to and inside the city, costs associated with lodging, variety of foods available and their associated costs, feeling of security both in the country and in the city, friendliness/helpfulness of the people when asking for help with anything, things to see and do while visiting, climate and daily temperature highs and lows, shopping opportunities, activities for physical enjoyment such as bike paths-soccer fields-bowling alleys…and a few other minor things but this list covers most of the key elements. 366 more words

Discovering Kuala Lumpur

Recently I have had the pleasure of having two of my friends to stay with me (and Gav) in our new digs. It’s been great – is there anything better than hanging out with friends from all over the world in a random third country? 453 more words

My Travel


On our third day, we decided to have fun! We already visited temples, museums, galleries and other KL’s National Heritage. So for today, we’re going back to being a kid. 371 more words



Another day, another train. We went straight to KL Sentral Station. Just like here in the philippines, some stations has mall. And this station, KL Sentral has its own mall. 466 more words


From Miami, FL to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We just got back from Miami and we’re already on our way to Kuala Lumpur :)

We already got the week stacked with Smart Governance presentations, but can always squeeze another one, so reach out to us if you’re curious! 50 more words

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